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Here you can view best practice examples of National Associations Snowsports at Schools and Universities.  The Aim is, to offer the knowledge, input and organization of effective programs of National Associations of Snowsport at Schools and Universities to other countries.
Thereby the IVSS hopes that successful programs to support Snowsport at Schools and Universities can be adapted to the special and unique situation of other countries and knowledge is thereby distributed.

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FIS youth seminar 2010 - Arguments still valid in 2013

At the FIS youth seminar 2010 Prof. Dr. Stefan Künzell held a presentation why snowsports is of tremendous importance (health, social, personal) for the developement of pupils. The documented arguments have not vanised in their importance.

The best day of my life in snow - Swedish model IVSS

Charlotta Burger Bäckström describes in her article the Swedish Model of IVSS. The good practice example of Charlotta Burger Bäckström shows, what it takes to get a big group of pupils (10.000) during one season on the snow. Further than that the goal was not only to get the pupils on the snow, but to make the day to a remarkable and rememberabe one.

IVSS Sweden - Studyreport "all in snow"

Charlotta Bürger Bäckström (President of IVSS Sweden) presents a mid term report about the project "all young people on snow" posted earlier on this web site.

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IVSS Canada - Grade 4 & 5 Snow pass program

Michel Lamothe, representative of IVSS Canada, reports about a program for Grade 4&5, open to all children born in Canada, with the purpose to remove the barriers trying skiing/snowboarding and to encourage the enjoyment of outdoor winter recreation. Skiing/snowboarding should be a rite of passage for every child lucky enough to be raised in Canada and this program will help make that happen. The program also helps young people stay physically active during winter months.


Grade 4&5 Snow Pass - Final Report

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IVSS Germany - Arguments why snow sports should be taught in schools

Stefan Künzell, Birgit Szimanski und Reiner Theis decribe in their attached paper various arguments, why teaching snowsports especially in schools creates a lot of different positive effects in the growing up of young people. The described arguments can easily be a draft to be adjusted to the national or local conditions.


Why snowsports should be tought

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IVSS Sweden - All young people on snow

Charlotta Bürger Bäckström (President of IVSS Sweden) presents a program, looking for the goal, that every young girl and boy in grade 4 and 5 in the city of Norrköping had the opportunity to ski during the winter season of 2009/2010. The attached pdf gives you a brief insight of the project.


Presentation "Young people on snow"

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