We should assume in the future that universities and schools are especially characterized by ski instructors who will be trained and pupils who will be taught and furthermore open questions of skiing can find an answer (movement phenomenon, questions about capacity and security). However it is important that the IVSS gives consideration to the variety of the countries which the organisation includes and that the IVSS offers models and does it without any constrained structures.

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Aims & Task

  • Support of international exchange of experiences about specific questions and problems according to skiing or rather according to snow- and glide-sports at schools and universities, at vocational training and practice, 
  • Representation of this certain area in and compared with institutions and organisations (INTERSKI), as well as the arrangement and cooperation between associations, 
  • Motivation and support of the ski scientific discussion for treatment of sport educational, psychological, sociological, motion theoretical, medical and ecological questions according to skiing and glide-sports, 
  • Information about organisation, different offers, vocational training and development of skiing at schools and universities in different countries.

Tasks and aims have changed significantly since the modification of the bylaws during the last congress. Because of the bigger involvement of universities, from now on there is not only the necessity to build up an inner network between universities in the framework of the IVSS. But they will have to endeavour to transform scientific results and to make the results easily accessible for the practice.