Congress 2001 St. Christoph / Arlberg, Austria

Safety & Experiences in Snow Sports

March, 5th - 13th, 2001 

Sepp Redl President IVSS

The first expert meeting on skiing for active teachers and faculty at teacher-training facilities was held 35 years ago.  That marked the beginning of a movement that soon established an independent programme within Interski as the international umbrella for ski instruction. I am particularly happy that the Congress for Ski Instruction at Schools and Universities is once again being hosted in Austria and that the subject of this year's event - "Safety and the Skiing Experience" - has attracted such a keen response at home and abroad.

Günther Platter Tyrolian Government

We were again able to provide an ideal synthesis between ski racing and ski instruction, with the Arlberg as the centre of ski instruction in Austria. For a hundred years already, and especially since the 2nd World War, St. Anton and St. Christoph am Arlberg have been the spiritual home of skiing in theory and practice in Austria. That makes it all the more fitting that this important IVSS congress should be held at the Academy of Skiing in St. Christoph. We Tyroleans are proud of the fact that this, the 12th Congress of the International Association of Skiing at Schools and Universities is being held at this fine traditional home of ski instruction in Austria.

Werner Wörndle BSA General Manager

The purpose of the St. Christoph Ski Akademy  is to act as a mediator in the latest developments in skiing and to generally foster the sport for all age groups, in addition to their traditional roles as training centres for Austria's ski coaches, professional ski instructors, amateur ski instructors and students from the country's university departments of physical education. At the scientific level, the academy also offers seminars and international conferences on skiing techniques and methodology plus related aspects of ecology, off-piste skiing, the physics of snow and avalanches, meteorology, safety in the mountains and glacier skiing.

The Academies of Skiing provide training facilities for the ÖSV teams, for the regional skiing associations and local clubs, and for recreational skiers of all age groups. The offering includes perfection courses, basic skiing and ski racing skills, piste and off-piste skiing - in short whatever our clients require. Ski aces like Hermann Maier and Stefan Eberharter trained as professional ski instructors at the Academy.

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Within the general assembly the elections took place. The working board was confirmed and have new ideas and goals for the upcoming future.

IVSS Congress lecturers

The Arlberg region is one of the best snowboard regions in Europe. That is the reason why snowboard pros have come every year from all over the world to this spot! This is not remarkable!!! Because it is situated very high and therefore ideal snow conditions are guaranteed. Shredding through the powder until topple down!!! There are enough opportunities!!! There is also a lot for the Freestylers, for instance the Fun Park above Rendl- Restaurants (area Rendl). In the area there are 120 slope kilometres available. A ski shuttle brings you skiing area for free. There are 8500 beds available (thereof 3600 in 70 hotels). It is only partially right that the Arlberg is so expensive, this refers at best to the luxury location St. Christoph. You can find enough pensions which everyone is able to afford!

In the evenings you can go to one of the four discos!!! Furthermore there is a dance hall, 6 bars, 17 cafés, 4 pubs, 1 cinema and 80 retaurants!

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