IVSS in preparation of Interski 2011

Dear IVSS friend,

Summer is around the corner if one lives in Sweden. In other parts of the world it is the other way around and for me that is one of the more thrilling things: The snow sport activity is always on the move somewhere in the world.
At the same time as the World cup in soccer starts in South America we have people that are in the start of a new season on snow in some other part of the world.
For IVSS that is one of the things to keep in mind: that we always are engaged in activities all over the world all year around.
Since my last newsletter I have attended the Interski Presidium meeting in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Stuttgart, Germany, 30/4-1/5 2010. We had discussions and planning around the upcoming Interski congress, St. Anton, 15-22 January 2011.
As of now there is an updated schedule for the congress and you will find the “new” schedule when you go to www.ivss.info and click Interski.
For IVSS the congress is of great interest since one of the main topics, out of four, is Snow sports and educational aspects/developments.
This means that we during this upcoming congress have a worldwide arena for penetrating the aims and goals connected to our field of interest. I see this as an opportunity that we really have to take and develop before, during and after the congress.
I really hope that you, within your country, work to pinpoint this important topic since this is something that we all can benefit from in the future.
When I look at the Interski work done here in Sweden I am more than happy to see that all involved organizations work with this field as one of the most prioritised ones before the congress.

The 26th of May the IVSS board had a meeting over Skype and things of interest that were discussed was as follows:
• PhD. Dieter Bubeck and MSc. Tom Danielsson will send in an abstract for a key note lecture, Interski congress 2011.
• The member fees are being paid and the few countries that have not yet paid will get a small reminder to contribute.
• Contact and discussions are in progress with eligible partners.
• Members of the IVSS board will attend the ICSS congress, St. Anton, 14-19/12, 2010.
(For more information about the ICSS congress please go to www.ivss.info.)
• We urge all members’ countries to check that the contact information on the IVSS home page is correct. Check on www.ivss.info and go to Organisation to make sure that everything is in order. All changes should be sent to Secretary-General Tom Danielsson, tom.danielsson@lnu.se.

Two weeks ago Tom got a notice from our friends in the Dutch Ski Instructors' Association and they now have the following contact information:

The new name is SNOWPROs.NL
The new website address is   www.snowpros.nl
The new e-mail address is      info@snowpros.nl

If you all can keep this up to date our network and contacts will continue to work as well as it does right now.

In our continues work for IVSS and the work for promoting snow sports for schools and universities we want to reach as many as possibly. As of now we have about 400 subscribers for this newsletter and our goal is to reach many, many more. Therefore I ask you to promote this with connecting at least ten more eligible subscribers from your own network. Ask them to go to www.ivss.info and newsletter or you can, after asking, make them subscribers yourself.

After a summer with some weeks of vacation I will be back with the next newsletter in September when we full snow sport activity in the southern hemisphere.


Klas Åstrand