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IVSS participated at the INTERSKI presidium in Ushuaia, September 13-14.2011

As IVSS president Klas Astrand was unable to attend the Interski presidium meeting in Ushuaia himself, IVSS presidium member Frank Luiten (and former Interski gen. secr.) went to Ushuaia to represent IVSS at this meeting.

Find below the main findings of the meeting:

  • The congress:
    • We did ski the area of Cerro Castor twice, on Tuesday and Wednesday. The ski area was a surprise - a positive one. In short, the accommodation in the town of Ushuaia as well as the facilities in the ski area itself are very well suited to hold a compact and cosy congress. 
    • The contract between Interski and Argentina was discussed (no substantial changes with the previous one), and duely signed in an official ceremony organized by ARG, with the necessary dignataries and press present. 
    • Our Argentinian colleagues appear to have built good relations with commercial as well as with gouvernment parties. The PR spin off of the congress will not only be used after 2015, but also and especially before.
    • ARG is doing very well in this preparatory fase. The status report status report dealt with a wide range of topics (: objectives, organograms, Interski Argentina, organizing committee, operational management, human resources, infrastructure, logistics and transportation, etc.). 
    • The congress program will be modeled after the one of St. Anton, with two requirements  added by the presidium: all nations are free to present themselves, and there must be  more opportunities for the demonstrators to be actively involved.
  • Other business 
    •  As it would have eaten more than half of the current financial assets of the organization, the offer to do PR work on a fixed basis for Interski by Ernst Spreng was turned down. In stead Ernst may do incidental jobs, such as editing occasional newsletters to the member nations. 
    • The Interski website will be overhauled and improved.
    • The financial reports are approved by the presidium, and awaiting approval by the auditors. 
    • Live presidium meetings will be held in May 2012 in Poland (in combination with the ISIA venue) and in 2013 before the General Assembly. As all present were able to speak and understand German, there was no need to speak English. Skype will be used only for single issues that need to be decided, not for lengthy agendas.
  • Conclusion
    • Although it was a long trip, taxing in terms of time and money, it was good to see the area. 
    • Especially for our Argentine colleagues it was good that the presidium were present at the contract ceremony and met  with the commercial and government partners.

Frank Luiten