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IVSS Board meeting from 2-4 of October 2011 in Scotland

The IVSS board was meeting in Scotland to discuss current topics concerning 2012. The Board was represented by Klas Åstrand; Frank Luiten; Dave Renouf; Tom Danielsson; Dieter Bubeck; Vihren Bachev

Read the conclusions of the minutes below: 

  • President Klas Astrand opened the meeting.
  • Secretary General Tom Danielsson summed up the minutes from our last meetings.
  • Board member Frank Luiten reported from the INTERSKI-presidium meeting in Argentina. Frank had a positive impression of the organising committee, the skiing area and it’s facilities concerning INTERSKI 2015. Further more had Frank, during the presidium, cleared that it will be ok for us to have our General Assembly in Argentina in 2015 (joint with INTERSKI-international General Assembly gathering). We thank Frank for a god job in Argentina.
  • Secretary General Tom Danielsson presented the financial situation. We discussed practical issues concerning membership fee payments and our possibility to get financial support from INTERSKI-international. Further discussions will follow. A creative discussion concerning “Membership benefits” followed.
  • Seminar: 17-19/2, 2012, in Sofia: SNOWSPORT IN UNIVERSITIES, why and how.
  • Board members as Ambassadors: Each IVSS member country will be contacted ot sort out:contact person, payment, organisation charts, best practise, curriculum, seminars, congresses etc.