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Invitation to the IVSS General Assembly

Pursuant to the IVSS by-laws we cordially invite you to attend the ordinary General Assembly on Monday, January 17, 2011 at 4.30pm.St. Anton a. A./Austria – Arlberg-well.com-hall

Agenda: Please see the final agenda attached 

Motions: The member nations and the presidium are entitled to propose a motion
Motions are to be submitted in writing no later than 06.12.2010 to the Presidium per mail to klas.astrand(at)lnu.se + tom.danielsson(at)lnu.se

The Presidium must announce the motions to the member nations prior to the General Assembly.

Eligibility to vote: Only the delegation leader for each member nation present or his/her representative is eligible to vote at the General Assembly.

Delegation costs: The costs of sending a delegation are the responsibility of each member nation itself

Poster exhibition: A poster exhibition will be held together with the G A. The intent of the poster session is to give each member country a chance to show good examples from the last two years. One of the aims for IVSS is to share good examples within the organisation. The best poster by vote will receive a first price of 250€. Please announce your participation at the best practice poster exhibition to tom.danielsson(at)lnu.se no later than 06.12.2010.

National organization: In addition to the voluntary “best practice poster” we urge every member country to produce a
poster that shows how IVSS is organized in each country. The posters will be posted at the GA and during the whole congress for everyone’s information.

We hope to have the pleasure of welcoming representatives from all the IVSS member nations at the coming General Assembly, as decisions about the future of staff and content will be taken.

After the GA assembly we invite you to the IVSS mingle.

With regards


Klas Åstrand, President
Dieter Bubeck, Vice-President
Tom Danielsson, Secretary General
Janusz Dmochowski, Board member
Gunther Apflauer, Board member
Oula-Matti Peltonen, Board member
Shoji Ichino, Board member
Milan Zvan, Board member