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IVSS board meeting, KOZUF (R. Macedonia), 1-4 October 2009

On behalf of our organization MAISS (Association of snowsport instructors of Macedonia, we were very happy to host an IVSS board meeting in one of our new ski resort Kozuf from 01-04 of October 2009. 

MAISS is established to build capacities, educate and give a support to ski instructors in the Republic of Macedonia. Looking other networks in a field of snowsports, especially to the new onse, we were very happy to become a member of the organization/network as IVSS is one. Especially it was great opportunity for part of our team to be actively involved on the last IVSS board meeting held in Kozuf.

Our MAISS team, same as IVSS board, is a new team. So during the meeting, we had a great opportunity to see our problems and needs, which are similar to the IVSS, and we are also very glad that our thoughts are on the same direction as of the members of the board.

Our team had tried to assist and to meet the needs of the meeting and we do believe that we did a good job. During the meeting many new ideas came out, from both IVSS board members and from MAISS team, especially about future cooperation among all members of IVSS. We hope that some of the ideas we spoke about will come through and one day we will have a chance to make it real.

MAISS team wants to mention here, our gratitude toward the owner of the ski resort Kozuf, Mr Angel Nakov, for hosting the IVSS board meeting and for all generosity that was offered from the Kozuf resort team.

MAISS General Secretary


Vladimir Vucsanovic