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IVSS General Assembly, St. Anton, April 19, 2009

For the first time ever the IVSS GA was held outside the IVSS Congress, that has been held every four years. This historical event was made possible since the IVSS Congress in Rowaniemi was cancelled. The IVSS board had to cancel the congress due to economical problems connected with not enough participants. A very difficult decision since the congress program was outstanding.
After the cancelation the Interski Presidium made it possible for IVSS to hold the General Assembly within the program of the Interski International GA, in St.Anton.
On the evening of the 19th we held the IVSS GA together with about 50 interested delegates.
The whole GA was a success and was held in a positive atmosphere. There were constructive discussions and we all left the assembly with positive feeling for future prosperous work, together with the IVSS family.
As one of the results of the GA the IVSS is joined by new member countries and our two newest members are Argentina and Macedonia.
After the GA the IVSS International Board had a board meeting that focused on our future mission and work. This will be communicated in future Newsletters.

Board members:

Klas ├ůstrand, president Sweden
Dieter Bubeck, vice president Germany
Shoji Ichino Japan
Janusz Dmochowski Poland
Oula-Matti Peltonen Finland
Gunther Apflauer Austria
Milan Zvan Slovenia
Tom Danielsson, secretary general Sweden

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